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Vanishing Point

Titel / Title Distant Is The Sun 
Label AFM Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This is one of the releases I had been soooo looking forward to, as this band had been silent for a couple of years ... Vanishing Point is yet another fantastic band from Australia (which seems to be a breeding ground for awesomeness, see Knightmare, Ne Obliviscaris), which I had already learned to love in 2007 (read the interview here ), so the time between the news “there will be a new Vanishing Point album” and actually getting hold of it seemed like a torture ...

Now the moment of truth - will this new release fulfil my (high) expectations, triggered by the excellent predecessor “The fourth season”?

After only listening to the Intro and the first – brilliant - track King of Empty Promises it becomes clear: YES. Although the line-up changed a bit (featuring James and Simon as new members), the band´s particular style (mixing symphonic Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Hardrock and Pop music) has remained the same – versatile, appealing, heartwarming and on an extremely high quality level, the latter also defines the lyrics. Catchy tunes, touching melodies – yet Kitsch-free; powerful guitar riffs, cool soli, versatile drumming between ballad-esque and Speed Metal, and on top of that Silvio´s distinctive, flawless voice... It is really difficult to recommend a particular song... well, there´s a video to check out for When Truth Lies (, Circle of Fire features Toni Kakko (Sonata Arctica) as guest singer, Let The River Run and Story of Misery have a certain Pop quality, Denied Deliverance is one of several tracks that provide gooseflesh/tears in your eyes moments...

Still working on the difficult task of discovering another ultimate-forever-favorite like “Surrender” ( among those 14 tracks, Era Zero seems a good candidate, but gotta listen, and listen again to this album... actually a task I don´t mind...

All that is left to do here is the rating, and just like their fellow countrymen mentioned above, Vanishing Point and this album deserves the max number of points.

Vocals: Silvio Massaro
Guitar: Chris Porcianko
Guitar: James Maier
Bass: Simon Best
Drums: Christian Nativo

Klaudia Weber

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