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Titel / Title Dark Light 
Label Sire Records 
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What started in the high North in 1996 has now developed into true hysteria. Sold out concerts and screaming girls. After four successful studio albums HIM is back with the new album "Dark Light", which was recorded in the Electric Lady studios in L.A. The Finns have managed to combine the influences present on their previous albums and it's almost as if the band has found its happy medium. Flamboyant, pompous gothic elements (dull chiming of church bells in the rain)are rare and Ville's characteristic voice and the scratchy guitars have moved to the foreground. While "Love Metal" was quite Black-Sabbath-like, the new album is calmer, with more mature lyrics and more experimental, without losing any of the dark melancholy. Even though there are no real hits like „Soul on Fire“, „Dark Light“ still has a lot of live potential, like the secret gig at the Bückeburg castle proved. Very catchy songs like Rip out the Wings of a Butterfly“ and “Vampires Heart” make your heart beat a little faster. But ballad-freaks will also get their money's worth: „Play Dead“ and „Dark Light“ will give you goose skin. This album does take a few turns to really appreciate it, since the song structures are a bit more complex than in the past. A sophisticated album that will appeal to all the fans and future fans of these Finns.

Jasmin Froghy

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