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Hanna Meyerholz

Titel / Title How To Swim 
Label Skycap Music (Rough Trade) 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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“How To Swim”, Hanna Meyerholz’ debut is a beautiful singer/songwriter album. She sings mostly melancholic songs about love and life, supported by guitars and piano. Her singing is emotional and the lyrics deserve a closer look. She manages to put big feelings into words as well as day-to-day things, watches closely but does not judge. While listening it’s easy to feel everything she describes and become part of the situation she is talking about. Hanna Meyerholz’ singing is taking me prisoner, does not allow me to keep my distance and I like it this way. The music is beautiful without being too polished and the lyrics offer much food for thought. I would like to dive into these songs and allow them to take me away to a world where words become images and especially emotions. The stories she tells are believable, no matter if she is talking about memories or the fear of splitting up. The music is always fitting, neither too much in the background, nor too much up front. The instrumental piece at the end of the album is worth listening to as well. A good album that is hopefully only the first of many.

1. You Better Go
2. Home Away From Home
3. The Only Link
4. How To Swim
5. Better With You
6. Mrs. Right
7. Fading
8. Trip Down Memory Lane
9. In And Out
10.I’m Scared
11.Changes (live instrumental)

Stefanie Oepen

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