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Wishbone Ash

Titel / Title Blue Horizon 
Label Solid Rockhouse Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Being able to look back on a career spanning 45 years is a rarity in these days, when some band relationships hardly last longer than certain marriages. It seems to be trendy to just run away from problems but Wishbone Ash, those old school gentlemen, still learned how to deal with problems and solve them for good. That´s why the band is still around today. Wishbone Ash are legends – but I must honestly say that I don´t know much about their music. But I do know that, throughout their long career, they influenced countless other music legends with their songs and they continue to do so today, with newcomers. “Blue Horizon” is Wishbone Ash´s 24th studio album, you heard that right. Ten Classic Rock songs wait to be discovered and I can say that they all sound very easy and casual, just as if the music had simply oozed out of the musicians by magic. Unforced and relaxed. Although they didn´t write all the songs themselves, their experience certainly helped them to make everything sound easy-going, even though the music is actually quite complicated. This album is surely a must-buy for Ash fans and also for people, who like well-played rock and blues music. Many guitar parts sweeten the whole thing for guitar freaks and the song variety should offer something for everyone. I can´t judge if it is a good or bad record by the band but to me, it sounds very good, even though it is a bit too soft, for my taste. But “Blue Horizon” is surely an album of great quality.

Sandy Mahrer

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