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Pretty Maids

Titel / Title Louder Than Ever 
Label Frontiers Records 
Total run time
54 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Danes Pretty Maids seem to be in top form at the moment. Every year, they release a new record and each one is better than the next. After extensively celebrating their 30-year anniversary and releasing the DVD “It comes Alive – Maids in Switzerland”, the Maids released the album “Motherland” last year. Perhaps, there were some good songs left that didn´t make it to the album and that´s why fans are treated to a new output called “Louder then Ever”. It´s not a completely new album but it contains four new songs, which are definitely worth to listen to. The rest of the 12 song album is made up of a few old gems, which the band re-recorded, like “Wake up to the real World”, “Snakes in Eden” and “Playing God”. Surely, it´s the new songs that are the most interesting thing on this album. Especially the opener “Deranged” or also “My Soul to Take” are two great songs - actually all new songs are phenomenal. Additionally, there is a DVD showing a few impressions from the Motherland tour and there are also new interviews and other crazy stuff from the band. Originally, the album was intended to help the fans get over the long waiting time for the next full-length album but after listening to the new songs, I must say that, in fact, it doesn´t make the waiting easier but much harder.

Sandy Mahrer

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