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Statues on Fire

Titel / Title Phoenix 
Label Rookie Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Brazil? Soccer World Cup. Metalbands from Brazil? Sepultura, of course. As coincidence would have it, Statues on Fire have some connection to the Brazilian superstars. Founding member, Andre Alves (guitarist and singer) works together with current Sepultura frontman, Derrick Green, on the project Musica Diablo. Without any help from famous men, Statues on Fire from Sao Paulo recorded their debut album Phoenix. The first seconds are heavy and slowly but surely, the headbang modus is activated. But then, just mentioned Andre starts to sing. No snot, no power Ė but thatís exactly what the listener expects of a mix of punk, hardcore and metal. Well, as a musician, one is, of course, not obliged to meet the audienceís expectations but in this case, it keeps the headbang modus deactivated permanently. This, I guess, was not the bandís main objective. On a more positive note, the guys from South America paid a lot of attention to song diversity. There are midtempo songs, something you could call a ballad and some surprisingly heavy moments. Also, the guitaristís solos manage to draw the listenerís attention back to the music, even if itís only for a few seconds per song.

Bottom line: For a melodic punk rock album, itís not catchy enough, there are no infectious hooklines. For a real punkrock/hardcore album, it lacks dirt, snot and attitude. So, the band remains in a somewhat unhealthy twilight zone and the listener wonders: Did I already listen to this record? Because nothing stuck in the mind.


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