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Titel / Title Eleven Stages 
Label Sonic Revolution/ Bob Media 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The gentlemen who banded together for Download are all well-known in the Swiss music scene. Musicians from Satrox, Live/Wire and Maxxwell got together with singer Andy Portmann to form a band. I know Andy Portmann from his vocal school and his record studio but also from his band, Felskinn. Many consider him one of the better Rock/ Metal singers in Switzerland. He surely has not a bad voice and his technique seems to be good as well, also his vocal range is big: from deep to high, rough to clean he can do it all. But thereīs something about his vocals on this album that bugs me. Maybe too much focus is put on them instead of the other instruments, maybe itīs his English pronunciation or maybe itīs the sometimes desperate attempts to sound hard and heavy. I canīt really say what it is. Then again, it is not extremely bad and it doesnīt harm the songsī quality either but, for me, it doesnīt feel right. Download surely spared no efforts and wrote songs of very different varieties for Eleven Stages: there are kick-ass songs but also slower balladesque pieces. All in all, all songs are very good, apart from “Stronger”, which I think is just plain awful as the band tried some Prog/Power Metal here. Because the songs are so different, there should be something for everyone on the album. And it should also help the band to land them some gigs in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

Sandy Mahrer

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