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Titel / Title Symptoms Of A Serious Defect 
Label Unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Symptoms Of A Serious Defect is Godcomplex' first full-length album - It's a bastard between Thrash, Death and Black Metal. Although it is their debut CD, it is obvious that the guys are not greenhorns. All members have up to 15 years of experience, playing in other local bands. And the sound clearly reflects their know-how: The drums and the bass are working tight and with a lot of pressure, the guitars are versatile but always appropriate for the song. Also the keys are absolutely appropriate because they set accents here and there and do not pour sound glue over the composition (as many other bands do in this genre). I especially like vocalist, Micha, who commands a wide variety of different screams and growls, not to mention that his voice is really powerful. In addition, the great production enhances all instruments' sounds, making the overall sound state-of-the-art.

Bottom line: Godcomplex did very well with their first album. Open-minded friends of Metal`s dark side should give the album a try. For only 10 (+shipping), Symptoms Of A Serious Defect can be ordered from the band and includes professional artwork and a full booklet ( Read an interview with the band soon here on

Timo Pler

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