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David Blair

Titel / Title Stronger, Higher, Faster  
Label 7Music 
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Canadian Singer/Songwriter, David Blair, has already released three full-length albums in his home country, but „Stronger, Higher, Faster“ is his first European release. It is basically a best-of with songs taken from the other three CDs and with 18 songs the listeners get a lot of music.

Iīm not really sure what to think about it. On the one hand, I like David Blairīs smooth voice that is almost like sweet-talk to my ears, but on the other hand itīs all too smooth and corny for me. With the music itīs similar: On the one hand, there are beautifully constructed sounds that are pleasing to my ears, but on the other hand I find it too polished. However, I canīt claim the music is boring. The different songs show a lot of variety and after a few listens I even find myself humming along but something is missing here to make me fully happy.

The melodies are catchy, very pop and rather inventive. Instruments range from guitar and piano to percussion and there is even background singing. I find the music quite listenable but it leaves me cold. When I close my eyes I do not find myself in a different place, donīt feel the music carrying me. The lyrics mostly revolve around relationships in good times as well as bad and talk about love at different stages. Overall, they are well thought through but donīt ignite any sparks for me. No matter how softly David Blair whispers into the microphone, the lyrics do not appeal to me and I cannot relate to them. For me, any Singer/Songwriter needs to evoke emotions, inspire me to think about things or touch my heart. Unfortunately, this album does none of the above for me and therefore “Stronger, Higher, Faster” is not going to be a CD I put on during long winter evenings. Still, technically and musically I have no complaints about this album. It is well sung, well played and well produced, so it should find many fans. People who like Rob Thomas or Gavin DeGraw, for example, should give David Blair a try.

1. This is the soundtrack
2. I wanna give you something
3. Alone together
4. Perfect set of troubles
5. I hate liking you
6. Let the stars fall
7. You make me OK
8. I want to fall
9. Stay in touch
10.Stronger, higher, faster
11.When I think of you
12.Iīm a slow learner
13.Hurts so hard
14.London is calling
15.You deserve love
16.Nothing left to prove
17.We are Canucks
18.Happy Birthday

Stefanie Oepen

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