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Laurin Buser

Titel / Title Nachtaktiv EP 
Label Deepdive Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Slam Poet and Rapper Laurin Buser’s EP “Nachtaktiv” is his first one. Containing 7 song and 27 minutes long, it can almost be counted as a full album. With drummer and producer, Sascha F, as well as other musicians he has worked on this album for several years.

Rap in any form is not the type of music that will spin in my CD player on a daily basis so I must admit I approached this CD carefully. When the first song “Earth Shaking” started with Buser telling us he has a headache I wondered if I might get one by the end of it. I was wrong! The man has something to say and does it sometimes sarcastically, sometimes in a thoughtful manner and always cleverly, no matter if he comments on the behaviors of his generation as in “Earth Shaking” or talks about the end of a relationship as in “Herzfickerschmerzscheiss”. His choice of words and the topics he covers may not be for everyone, but listening closely is good advice here. His lyrics describe everything well from emotions to daily occurrences and he is always outspoken.

The music is sparse, but efficient and never gets boring. It supports his words, but never overpowers them. Rap is not my genre, so I find it hard to compare this album to anything else, but I think it’s really interesting. Anyone who likes this type of music should give it a try. Check out “Nicht festlegen” or “Schneeengel”

Earth Shaking
Nicht festlegen

Stefanie Oepen

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