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Wasted Shells

Titel / Title The Collector 
Label Sonic Revolution/Bob Media 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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With some bands, it is like with recreational drugs: one wants to avoid them but sooner or later one comes into contact with them in some way or another. That´s also how it is with Thrash Metal bands: one wants to avoid them but, again and again, another band appears out of nowhere. Seriously now! In the case of Wasted Shells, it is really not that bad. Alright, I´m not a big fan of the growls but the clean vocals are great - both are, by the way, taken care of by Ola Svensson. “The Collector” is the Swedes´ second record and judging from what I have heard of the forerunner, their music has evolved a lot. Besides brute, fast songs there are also some gloomy songs, which are still fast but way darker than the others. Also the lyrics are ok because they allow the listeners to identify themselves with the songs – meaning, the band does not only sing about war and death like so many other Thrash bands. Musically, I can´t say anything bad; like I said I am not really at home in this genre but I have, of course, listened to quite a few Thrash bands and I can say that Wasted Shells belong, at least, to my Top 10. It´s just a pity that some thrash vocalists waste their great voices on so much growling and don´t use them more often for clean vocals. So, Ola, if you read this, please, use your talent and sing more clean. People who like harder stuff and haven´t listened to Wasted Shells yet, go and get the record. Otherwise, you will miss out on something great.

Sandy Mahrer

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