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Not many, here in Europe, have probably heard about SoundWitch from Japan but the band is about to conquer the world with their third release titled “Romanesque”. Right from the first tune, it becomes immediately clear that SoundWitch are doing highly original music. It´s a cross between Industrial, Gothic and Electro or like the band puts it: human, grotesque. They might be right about it even though it´s hard to imagine what they mean by “Human”, how do you translate “human” to music?? For me, it seems to be the conflict of human beings, different perception of things and human development influenced by the environment.

Besides Industrial and Gothic, one can also find Pop and Metal elements in their songs but everything´s very chaotic. One single song is so crammed; other musicians would have made five songs out of it. The listener awaits very wild songs. Personally, I would´ve loved to hear more of singer Twin; the band could´ve easily put her more in the spotlight – but this is where the instruments are at the moment, with most songs. You can hear that she´s a pretty good singer with an interesting voice especially with the quieter parts.

For most of you, the music of SoundWitch will be as exotic as Japan itself. The songs by the band from Osaka are very diverse and show the band´s many different musical facets. All is done very well and sprinkled with a lot of atmosphere. Sometimes it´s maybe a bit too chaotic and unstructured but, all in all, we are offered something good AND different to listen to. Personally, I really like the slower, quieter songs like “Blow” and the second half of the album. If you buy “Romanesque” you receive a record with 15 songs; the Deluxe Edition comes with a DVD featuring 10 songs and a download link to two more songs that didn´t fit on the album. On, you can buy the album no matter where in the world you are living. It is well worth listening to!

Sandy Mahrer

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