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Titel / Title Space Police 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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What would German Heavy Metal be without Tobias Sammet? Where would it be? Non-existent, boring as shit, without charm, joke and humor. And there would only be guys who prostitute themselves to get the next gold record. But not Edguy! Also the new record of the Hessians, “Space Police - Defenders of the Crown” comes with a big load of self-mockery. Even though the five guys do not take themselves very seriously, they are very serious about music. In a matter of seconds, their songs start to spread fun and joy – two things that many people are yearning for in their daily routine. Songs like “Space Police”, “Do me like a Caveman” or “Love Tyger” put a smile on the listener´s face and that´s because of the lyrics, chockfull of jokes and puns. “Space Police” also contains a cover song, Falco´s “Rock me Amadeus”. One of the rare occasions, you can hear Sammet sing in German. He might not be able to tr-r-r-ill the “R” as nicely as Falco did but he does a great job nevertheless. Taking on this song shows that Sammet has plenty of guts or that he´s a bit crazy. Also “Do me like a Caveman” is a great song and those who don´t understand the lyrics might think it´s an up-tempo love song but far from it... I could mention every single song here but it´s not necessary as Edguy, in their usual manner, once again deliver catchy melodies, great songs and simply awesome music. What would Germany be without Edguy? What would Heavy Metal be without Edguy? A lot sadder that´s for sure. And there´s one thing you can even take literally when they sing “They call me Love Tyger – I´m gonna save your soul” – they do save our souls from succumbing to boredom and the daily grind.

Sandy Mahrer

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