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Suzi Quatro

Titel / Title In The Spotlight 
Label Cherry Red Records Ltd. 
Total run time
41 min 
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Who is not familiar with the Top 10 hits of the 70s "48 Crash" or "Can the Can" by the lady in the leather jumpsuit, the first girl already in the 60s who broke through the male dominance of the hard rock`n´roll with her electric bass? Remember do all, but what she does nowadays, answer the least - in Germany. International it looks totally different. Suzi is still fully in action and since 2006 "back to the drive", her first studio album after nearly 20 years absence from the music market with new songs. And 2014 is the year of her 50th stage anniversary!

Mike Chapman, her experienced producer and songwriter from the 70s, participated at "Back to the drive" by "overseeing the entire project", afterwards he proposed, "Suzi, let´s go to a next level" and took over the production of the last, actual album "In The Spotlight". Although Suzi loves "Back to the drive" and calls it her most personal album ever, "In The Spotlight" directed by Chapman also became hot and spicy. Compared with "Back to the drive", which is mixed more rough, hard and rocky, "In the Spotlight" sounds a little softer, perhaps more subtle.

Above all, you find yourself in a variety of styles. Each song offers a surprise and comes with a new idea that is implemented consistently, held together by Suzi´s distinctive voice. Her talent for catchy melodies shines in the title track "Spotlight" an almost schlager-like, tuneful ear-worm. What "Strict Machine" or "Rosie Rose" compensate by a harder gait. In between the unusual "Breaking Dishes" makes wonder by a mixture of “Pop Hip Hop Suzi Rock”. And then "Hurt With You" dives into reggae with wind accompaniment.

The disc completes with the Elvis Rock`n´Roller "Hard Headed Woman" - and this interpretation the King surely would have enjoyed, too, as in the 70s, when Suzi played "All Shook Up” from her musical idol, what he let her personally invite to Graceland. At the very end there´s as cuddly bouncer "Singing With Angels", of course also from Elvis´ spring, but not only that - also The Jordanaires, the A Capella backing vocalists for Elvis are heard here, accompanied by the legendary James Burton on the guitar. A meeting of legends.

"In The Spotlight" is the album of a musician that does not make feel like at various today´s productions, which somehow clone from the 70s or copy ideas from the 80s, but this one carries the soul of these decades originally in itself. It is not - what you could have to worry about - a retro course with the yesterday´s index finger "earlier everything sounded better", but is modern and combines previous experience and a spoonful of nostalgia with today´s sound developments and styles. Exciting. A great piece of rock music.

1. A Girl Like Me
2. Whatever Love Is
3. Spotlight
4. Strict Machine
5. Breaking Dishes
6. Rosie Rose
7. Hurt With You
8. Hot Kiss
9. Turn Into
10. Hard Headed Woman
11. Singing With Angels

Andreas Torneberg

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