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Prinz Chaos II

Titel / Title Tsunami Surfer 
Label Sturm & Klang 
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The music on Prinz Chaos II´s third full-length album comes across as easy going, cheerful and just as colorful as the booklet. This is so pleasing to the ear and makes me want to dance so much, that it would be easy to forget listening to the words. Yet, those who don´t listen will miss the outstanding, critical and often snappy lyrics Of Prinz Chaos II. He has a lot to say and quite a few things to criticize. He does so intelligently, often funny and always hits the nail on the head.

His songs are taken directly from life; they range from personal stories to comments on society. There is a satirical song about Pope Benedict XVI (“Papamobil”), the daily struggles of a “Freelancing Slave” is described and a mirror is held up to those pretending to be tolerant with “Queer as Folk”. Anyone who didn´t guess that Prinz Chaos II prefers the company of men when seeing the rainbow-colored booklet will know at this point. Homophobia is a recurrent theme on this album, but not the only thing the singer criticizes. Some lyrics are there to provoke, others are simply beautiful and the topics cover a wide area. The Prinz is singing about love as well as about his home town Weitersroda and everything in-between. Heterosexuals should not be scared of this album, there is something for everyone here.

The singing reminds me of Reinhard Mey or Hannes Wader, but this album is more modern, not only because the Prinz cleverly intertwines German and English elements in his lyrics. The music has as much variety as the lyrics. Sometimes it is quiet like in “Marrakesch”, at other times more exuberant like “TsunamiSurfer”. Anyone who likes Singer/Songwriters should be able to find something interesting here. Absolutely give this one a try!

Gefährliche Zeiten
Tomorrow, my boy
Freelancing Slave
Das Papamobil
Schwarzer November
Queer as Folk (Tanzen)
Blutende Schiffe
...dass man sich wärmt in der Nacht
Schloss im Schnee

Stefanie Oepen

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