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Finn Nelé

Titel / Title Lark 
Label In Bloom / Flowerstreet Records 
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Judging by his lyrics, Finn Nelè is searching for something, seeking answers to questions regarding contradictions in the world as in “Lark“ or going on a journey to follow a letter as in “Travel“. Yet, what he finds does not always seem to be what he wants to find and thus he turns back to the darkness after seeing the light in „I Saw The Light“. Overall his lyrics are full of accurate descriptions and observations about the world surrounding him. He talks about fears and repeatedly asks questions that don´t seem to have any answers. Of course he sings about love too, for example in “Till I Realize“, but that´s not without trials and tribulations, just like real life.

“Lark” is Finn Nelè´s debut album and musically it´s somewhere between Folk and Blues. His voice reminds me a little of Tom Waits at times, while his singing makes me think of Johnny Cash. His guitar playing stays in the background at times while it is pushing other songs. It does not need more than that to create an album worth listening to. This one is leaving me curious to hear more.

I Saw The Light
Stumble Around
I know You
Till I Realize
Perfect Mirror
The Other One
Too Young

Stefanie Oepen

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