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Titel / Title Schatten 
Label Echozone 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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To be honest, I´ve never heard anything about Mundtot before. But I can tell you at least two things about the band nevertheless: it took them two years to release a follow-up record to their debut Spätsommer (Late Summer), titled Schatten (Shadow), and they play Indie/Alternative Rock. Their exclusively German lyrics, paired with hard guitar sounds, drums and a few electro effects, are dedicated to everyday topics. Just like the first song of the album – Einsamkeit und Zweifel (Loneliness and doubt) – for which there´s also a video ( Singer, Tino, switches between real singing and speech song, and he does that very well. Sometimes he reminds me a bit of Unheilig´s Der Graf, at other times, of some German rapper. The band touches topics that are taboo for many, like in Xenophobie (hostility toward strangers), or they talk about how one is expected to conform to society instead of just being oneself. I really like the approach of writing lyrics with a message. But what I miss is that certain something in their music that would make them stand out from the masses of German rockers. Unfortunately, I couldn´t find anything of that sort on the entire album. Alright, I´m not a big fan of German Rock music, especially not after the omnipresent Unheilig but, I think I´m able to say that the Munich guys have done a great job with Schatten. Maybe they could put more focus on those electro elements and add a bit more power to their songs. Then, I think, they are on to something.

Sandy Mahrer

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