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Titel / Title Change 
Label Sonic Revolution 
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“Change” is the fourth record of SheZoo, four Swiss by choice. As the band name already suggests, the female clearly outnumber the male band members: with Natacha, Dana and Joey, there are three ladies on board; the only man, Micha, adds melodies to the songs with his guitar. SheZoo play Heavy Metal and Hard Rock; their powerful songs follow a simple pattern but they, nevertheless, have that certain something. What I notice immediately is that the bass is very much in the limelight here and that´s rather interesting. I can´t really find anything to criticize about SheZoo´s music – they might compose all their songs in a similar way, making them a bit foreseeable, but that´s not as bad as it sounds. Natacha´s voice sounds very groovy - sometimes rough, sometimes soft. The Dutchwoman surely is a good singer and her voice fits nicely to the band´s sound. I just fear that her vocals lack power, this is, at least, how it sounds like on the album, but maybe it´s just the recording. All in all, “Change” is a great album, it´s just a bit short of power, here and there. The multi-cultural band did a great job and proof is in their success. Three years after “Open Zoo”, they picked the right title for their new record because they do know a thing or two about Changes. Recently, bassist Joey left the band to concentrate on her other projects. So, those of you who like SheZoo´s music and would like to be part of the band can apply for the vacant post at

Sandy Mahrer

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