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Titel / Title The Pagan Manifesto 
Label AFM 
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Elvenking have been around for 17 years and, up until now, they released seven albums. Despite this impressive biography, I hadn´t heard anything about the band. Could it be because of their clichéd name? So, “The Pagan Manifesto” is the first album from the Italians that I have listened to and I must say that they are doing quite many things right. Already the unconventional, 12-minute opener, “King of the Elves”, is a delicious foretaste of what is to come: Powerfully produced Folk Metal songs with a focus on melodic metal, arranged with a lot of variation. The tempo, the rhythms and also the instrumentation change regularly, so the album never becomes boring. That`s exactly how it has to be! But there are also two areas, in which the band could do better. First of all, it´s the vocals. They need a bit more character. And, the choruses also need some more work. They are not really bad but they need more power. The way they are done now, makes it hard for me to locate them, even after the umpteenth time I have listened to the record. Because of this, I can´t remember much when the player has become silent.

Timo Päßler

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