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Titel / Title Heroes 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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Sabaton polarise opinions: Some people think they are Metal Messiahs, others think they glorify war and play Party Metal. But if we leave polemics aside, it is quite obvious that the band did a lot of things right. Joakim Broden, vocalist and main songwriter, has a superb feel for melodies and hooklines, which simply work. That´s exactly why, Sabaton have topped the European charts for years and have even headlined major festivals.

The band already found its signature sound many years ago, so we cannot expect too many surprises on “Heroes”. Of course, there are the immediate-sing-alongs, which are so typical for the band: the opener “Nightwitches”, the great “Resist And Bite” and the final “Hearts Of Iron” are examples. Beside these Sabaton standards, there are also two more or less unusual songs. The first one is “The Ballad Of Bull”, which is mostly based on a piano. The other one is the slow “Inmate 4859”: here, the lyrics are somewhat different, they are not about soldiers, tanks or battles. Central theme is a famous concentration camp, which, at the latest becomes clear when the band sings about “Auschwitz” in the chorus – quite strange for German ears. But the true intention of the song shines through not only in the lyrics but also in the doomy atmosphere.

All the new stuff and the catchy songs make “Heroes” a great new album. Especially, the new ingredients added some great flavour to the already tasty mix. But it´s not a perfect dinner yet: every song strictly follows the same 3.5-minute verse-chorus-verse-chorus-scheme. I would have been hungry for something a little bit more epic, dynamic and complex. Maybe I just have to wait for the next album?

Timo Päßler

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