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Titel / Title Into the Fire 
Label Escape Music 
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I´ve been listening to Diesel´s first album “Into the Fire“ for about a week now and never once did I get tired of it. This is exactly how it should be, it has everything I would expect from a (Hard) Rock album - from straightforward rockers to power ballads. It feels immediately familiar but I cannot name one band it reminds me of, it has bits of pieces from so many. The opener “Love Under Cover“ makes me think of Aerosmith, the closer “Coming Home“ has a touch of Gotthard and many of the others songs make me think of other times and other bands, but I can´t put my finger on it. And that is exactly why I like the album – it is familiar and new at the same time.

The lead vocalist of this new British band is Robert Hart (Solo/Bad Company/Manfred Mann´s Earth Band), the guitarist is Jim Kirkpatrick (FM). They are joined by Jimmy Copley on drums and Pat Davey on bass, plus a few additional musicians on some of the tracks. This is Classic Rock at its best without any fillers or clunkers on the album and tunes that are so diverse there´s no danger of getting bored. One could argue that we have heard all that before and I would agree but there is no reason not to make new songs in a genre that has been well covered if they are such good and enjoyable songs as the ones collected on this album. I will certainly play this album a few more times. Just go and listen to it!

01 Love Under Cover
02 Into The Fire
03 Starting Over
04 Fortune Favours The Brave
05 Brand New Day
06 Bitter & Twisted
07 So What Is Love
08 Lets Take The Long Way Home
09 Told You So
10 What You See Ain´t What You Get
11 Skin & Bone
12 Coming Home

Stefanie Oepen

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