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Capilla Ardiente

Titel / Title Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness 
Label High Roller Records 
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CAPILLA ARDIENTE is the brainchild of Claudio Botarro, four string player of the Chilean-Swedish young Doom gods, Procession. In contrast to Procession, in which Felipe Plaza is largely responsible for music and lyrics, in CAPILLA ARDIENTE Claudio Botarro is Chef de Cuisine. The promising intro, "Consequence and Consequences", opens the proceedings and smoothly leads into “Nothing here for me”, the first of the four extended-length tracks of the album. Even though one always has Procession in mind when listening to Felipe´s very own intonation and phrasing, one can hear a noticeable difference between CAPILLA ARDIENTE and Procession. One just has to occupy oneself a little bit longer with both bands. Ultimately, those are tiny details but, as is well known, details can make the difference. When Procession wade knee-deep in Epic Doom swamp, CAPILLA ARDIENTE leave the murky waters now and then to go after some dirty Stoner moments. With "Towards the Midnight Ocean" follows the next lesson in epicness. The duo Botarro/Plaza just knows how to create the perfect soundtrack for a journey into the dark depths of self-doubt and self-awareness. Shortly interrupted by "Naufragious", a two-minute interlude, the trip through the darkness continues, with "They, who were lost and now are cursed". “Into unknown lands”, a powerful headbanger with a great uptempo part in the middle, eventually ends the journey. Friends of classic, pure Doom Metal will be stoked. You can´t do wrong with this album.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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