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The Glade

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“What Turns On The Lights” is the debut of Swedish alternative Rockers The Glade. To describe the album I can throw out the keywords Indie Rock, Folk influence and Americana, adding that it is among the best in said category but it still fails to describe the magic that is part of this music and instantly drew me in. The Glade took a type of music that is decidedly American and made it their own. They do it extremely well too – there is not a weak song on this album. Music, lyrics and production – everything on “What Turns On The Lights” fits. Some of the tracks sound instantly familiar but often I can´t put my finger on what or whom they remind me of. It´s all about the right mixture of music and they´ve found the perfect one.

While the music is often upbeat and could be mistaken for something happy, the lyrics are not. They tell stories about searches, hope, things from the past and do so with great metaphors and imagery. Jonas Carping´s rough voice and singing is perfect for these songs. His singing sounds as if he has lived a little and I believe the stories he tells. The emotions he sings about feel real, may they be love, hope or despair and the music only supports this. Make no mistakes though, this is not a singer/songwriter album where the lyrics are often more important then the instrumentation. “What Turns On The Lights” offers great quality in music and in lyrics. Guitarist Nils Janlöv, bassist Tobias Gustavsson and Drummer/Percussionist/Producer Martin Karlsson give each song a distinct sound that tells a story of its own. On several songs guest musicians on cello, violin, piano and organ as well as backing vocals support them.

Finding an album with so many strong tracks that it is hard to pick a favorite happens rarely. This is one of them. To get an idea of the variety on this album I recommend checking out the powerful “Further On Up the Road” and the happy sounding “Sometimes”. Better yet: Just buy the whole thing!

The Last Round
Already Gone
On Your Own
Further On Up The Road
The World Through Your Eyes
Follow Me Down
All Along This Road
Out Of The Grey II
Dance For Love „Final Version“

Stefanie Oepen

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