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Titel / Title Life and Death 
Label Lifeforce Records  
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Formed in 2008, Australian metalcore band Confession is still quite unknown in Europe, although “Life and Death” is already the Aussie´s second fully-fledged album (along with the debut EP). By the way, the band´s mastermind, Michael Crafter, was the singer of I Killed The Prom Queen until he left IKTPQ in 2007 and formed Confession. “Life and Death” seems to be some kind of a concept album. The intro, “Life”, and the last song, “Death”, are the two poles, in between the tracks and their lyrics range. Titles such as „Still Breathing“, „Fuck Cancer“ or „Fear“ give an idea of the personal misfortune, Crafter had to endure in his life. On the musical side, “Life and Death” is a solid piece of metalcore. Massive e-cord stomping alternates with driving melodic choruses and slow passages, supported by synthesizers. But despite several creative ideas, “Life and Death”, unfortunately, lacks real highlights as most songs are tailored to the same pattern. After four or five tracks, listening to “Life and Death” becomes somewhat boring and that´s really disappointing. Too bad, I´m sure the guys could´ve done much better. Still, for true fans of metalcore, giving “Life and Death” a try will pay out.

Jürgen Ortmann

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