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Titel / Title Tibi et Igni 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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When Vader formed in the 1980s, a lot of Western people did not take them very seriously. But with every new album, the number of followers continued to grow. Since they released their breakthrough “Litany” in 2000, at the latest, there has been no more doubt about the band´s abilities. In the following years, Vader went through a lot of line-up changes but the quality of the albums, luckily, did not suffer. Now, Vader are among the most reliable bands in Death Metal.

So, it is really no surprise that also their new album “Tibi et Igni” is a good one. The pace of the songs is as usual quite high, without reaching blastbeat tempo. There are a lot of excellent old school guitar solos, Peter´s great vocals and some really cool guitar leads (i.e. “Hexenkessel”). The most sophisticated song is actually the final “The End”, which has a doomy atmosphere and reminds a bit of “Revelations of Black Moses”, with its really great lead guitar and cool chorus.

“Litany” is still the band´s masterpiece but “Tibi et Igni” is another great record from Vader. Every Death Metal lunatic can buy this one without hesitation.

Timo Päßler

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