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Fifth Avenue

Titel / Title Itīs Been A Long Way (EP) 
Label Ruff Affair Records 
Total run time
21 min. 
Vö/ReleaseApril 2014 
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5th Avenue was one of the early 90s "Wacken Open Air pioneers". Catchy warm, rich melodies, good-humored rock, with speed and straight forward. Their former hit was a rocking cover version of Suzanne Vegaīs "Luka". But then, the band sank in 1995 in a 17-year slumber and woke up - today we would say out of the coma - in 2012 to a new stage presence.

The Sleeping Beauty immediately started to rock - and now with these songs she shoves an EP "Itīs Been A Long Way" fresh in the market - and yes, the songs sound wonderful after the ancient times, according to yesterday, nostalgic and almost romantic. And anyone who has experienced 5th Avenue in concert knows that the band live really rocks. Live awaken the songs to a sweeping dynamics, and frontman Oliver Peters has the talent to inspire his audience with enthusiasm.

On the album, the hooklines, the lyrics and the composition draw a manuscript of the late 80s. In particular, "Satellite" sounds like a one-time hit, but heīs just not of yesterday ages, but by now. This instantly tells the strong feeling that you would be on the American pop-rock harmonic shores back 25 years ago - at the beginning of the long road.

The EP follows on seamlessly from there, where the Sleeping Beauty was dropped off to sleep. Quasi a wake, restart sound which arouses hope of new... and more.

Andreas Torneberg

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