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The Secluded

Titel / Title The Secluded 
Label RaR/Motor Entertainment 
Total run time
48 min 
Vö/Release1 August 2014 
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Always exciting to start a new album, without knowing about the band. In this case, you can be reminded of the New Zealand New Wave rockers Split Enz - pop, rock, slightly melancholic, British, catchy. Anyway, at the beginning.

But The Secluded comes not from beyond the oceans, but from Frankfurt a. M./Germany, secondly the album offers eventful variants: The Split Enz impression passes quickly. The third song "To my brother" drifts in quiet waters in which provides a slightly progressive flow for shoals with a splash of Pink Floyd. After this comes "No guaranty" with harder rocking riffs and picks up speed. Very nice interplay between the vocals of the Polish-born Miro Kania and into lyrical realms diving guitar. Although rock elements in the foreground, you find elements of reggae, pop, flamenco and other surprises like in "You know", "Express", or "One shot not".

The band has only been together two years, but already sounds like an old-established team and presents here with their debut album a quite captivating work from the large family of alternative rock, waiting to be heard more often to discover its fine and unique idiosyncracy and then only really unfolds its charms. Bottom line - gifted thing with upside potential.

Andreas Torneberg

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