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Principe Valiente

Titel / Title Choirs Of Blessed Youth 
Label afmusic 
Total run time
55 min. 
Vö/Release6 Juni 2014 
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The 80s: Analog synthesizer had evolved into digital, 25-polyphonic. The pop-sky was pink and freshly blow-dried. But next to the paradise of the commercial blissful Aha and Modern Talking sounds spread - coming from punk and experimental lowlands - the shadow.

The shadow ran through the rock and was later called goth rock. And he went through the New Wave and revels with his dark swaths today in the musical realm, in which the Swedish shoegaze band Principe Valiente with wobbly Wave guitars sends far echoing their complaints through the wide acoustic cathedrals by technical mixtures. Greetings from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Ultravox.

Rain runs down like tears on the pale faces of elegy. Sounds of dark beauty with the necessary timbre of pathos and kitsch. Additionally alongside the British nostalgia flows even a certain sphere of Scandinavian harmonious depression and monotony. The rhythm often so slow and heavy that dancing needs to move into a more swaying hovering over muddy-synthetic fog swamps. Music for the everyday autumn of mourning.

Andreas Torneberg

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