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Sonic Syndicate

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Since their debut album 2005, Sonic Syndicate have been something like the blueprint of Modern Metal: midtempo songs, rhythm based guitars, double bass drumming, synthesizer, shouted verses and clean sung choruses. At the beginning of this millennium that was new and interesting, but meanwhile it isn`t. Their new album still offers all of these trademark sounds - what should make their fans happy - but it hasn´t anything more to offer. 8 of the 11 tracks are simply average, only `The Flame That Changed The World`, `Black Hole Halo` and `My Revenge` are well done. This ratio would actually be ok for a debut album, but it is unacceptable for Album no 5. For their next output, the band should emphasize the melodies - vary the pace more often for both guitars and vocals, and take the risk to break some songwriting conventions.

Timo Pässler

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