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Titel / Title Left In The Dark 
Label Edel 
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Last year Tarja released ``Colours In The Dark``, an album which achieved great chart positions (no 6 in Germany e.g.) and also got great reviews from many music zines (it also a got a 8,5 in our review).

Now it seems that Mrs. Turunen was surprised by this success, so that she puts out a second album with more ore less the same songs. Because this is what ``Left In The Dark`` actually is. Just like the original, this (so called) album has 10 tracks. 9 of them are similar to the original. Only `Into The Sun` is a new track. All the others are alternative versions of their predecessors - in most cases demo versions, which sound quite similar to the released. The only songs that are worth mentioning are the unplugged versions of the superb `500 Letters` and of `Until Silence`.

This album would have been ok as a bonus disc on a limited edition, but selling it as a separate CD is dispensible and outrageous - especially because the pricing is like any other full length album. So there is one elk for each of the two great unplugged songs and one elk for the nice cover.

Timo Pässler

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