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Titel / Title The Re-Arrival 
Label LifeForce Records 
Total run time
68 min (Disc 1 only) 
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Deadlock have been active since 1997 and released their debut album, aptly titled The Arrival, in 2002. Their 2014 release, The Re-Arrival, is not a re-recorded version of that debut album as you might think. Instead it is a best-of album. Judging best-of albums is always difficult. Rating the album by its songs (as usual) is inappropriate because most fans know the songs already and usually, the band will put only their best songs on those albums (thatīs why they are called best-of). In my opinion, it is much more important how much work and passion the band put into the record and which additional value it offers. Although I do not get warm with the Modern Metal of the band, I have to say that they really satisfy the above mentioned īmeta-factorsī. Deadlock do not simply string together their best songs. Instead, they re-recorded all of the 12 tracks and also re-arranged some of them. In addition, there are three new songs, which are of the same quality as the bandīs classics and also reveal some new facets. Needless to say, the sound is superb! All of this is already very good but there is even more: The package contains a second CD with 15 rare tracks like demos, alternate versions etc. That`s how I like it! There are only a few wishes unfulfilled: What about some live recordings - audio or video? Or maybe a DVD with a festival shot?

Timo Päßler

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