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Feedback Revival

Titel / Title Feedback Revival 
Label BMI 
Total run time
44 min 
Vö/ReleaseJanuar 2014 
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The first song leads in an reflection of Monster Magnet and early Nirvana. But the grunge character with a distinct riff dissolves even from "Soul Feet" in pure rock `nī roll, less metropolitan, rather in Nashville character and and vigorously painted the blues on it, with beautiful dirty and expressive vocals, with spontaneously and powerfully played guitars. The third song "Jesse James" introduces the harmonica and makes it clear: the band name says it all.

They make no effort to reinvent the Rock `n'Roll new, they donīt avoid even the allusions to some what happened earlier in the guitar rock scene. They only want one thing - to play the good old rock `nī roll, to live it and this as pleasant as possible. This direct fun and feeling comes across authentically. The Blues pushes the right amount of rustic melancholy into the program, the instrumentation such as the slide guitar, banjo or hammond organ also brings the matter whence all the stuff originate, the rural and traditional. The slightly pinched, raspy voice conveys exactly the soul of this mood.

"Carry On" is a beautiful guitar ballad a little similiar to Bruce Springsteen style, even on YouTube to watch as a SINGLE-VIDEO. "Beautiful Life" is reminiscent of Tom Petty, "Josolyn" is close to the swamp blues of The Delta Saints and "Salt of the Earth" has even a spoonful of Tom Waits. "At Last" serves a really nice hillbilly-tuned country song. And "Home" closes with an expressive piano played finals. To this end the evening beer fits after work in the fields, after a day behind the wheel of the truck or to relax/tensioning with the biker guys and -ladies in a pub. All traditional, but varied and good to hear, the more the better.

1. Cadillac In Black
2. Soul Feet
3. Jesse James
4. Beautiful Life
5. Carry On
6. Ballad Of Loretta
7. Delta
8. Josolyn
9. At Last
10. Salt Of The Earth
11. Tennessee Rose
12. Home

Andreas Torneberg

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