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Wild Adriatic

Titel / Title Big Suspicious 
Label self released 
Total run time
43 min 
Vö/ReleaseJanuar 2014 
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The trio comes straight to the point - the first song drives with a clear riff that forms the scaffold, in the second the drumlines build the skeleton; the old concept - it´s only rock `n´ roll, but you like it. While initially bathed in the rock of the 70s, the melodic "The Fool" with key part and winds has some of Paul Weller and crosses the paths of soul music. But only briefly - guitar and voice of "40 days 40 nights" bring the listener right back in the zone of Led Zeppelin.

"Holding You" moves surprisingly on a very different path, a calm R&B, introduced by the duo jazzy guitar and voice, then start drums and bass and a groovy song develops in pop-soulful black music mood. The following "Cooperstown" match the same space, but "Lose My Mind" returns to the Blues, transported half by acoustic guitar, punctuated with organ broadsides and dirty-wild electric guitar solos.

The musical variety serves with "Walk For Miles" a classic, decorative and pompous ballad, and shortly thereafter a massive Hammond organ-dominated blues rock, thus releasing the pure 70s - incidentally, this can be seen here on YouTube: ”LONELY”. "Heavy Soul" integrates a wind trio of trumpet, saxophone and trombone as well as a background singer in a catchy context from, well, heavy soul. "WOE" concludes with a funky, bass-driven and wah-wah guitar fueled indie rock, which closes at the end with a melodic pop-gospel chorus.

A dynamic, highly versatile album with a strong singer which uses a crossover between Hard Rock, Blues and Soul, has definetely a high entertainment value and invites to retrospective walks. A production you can hear more often, without being boring. A strong debut, but in which would be conceivable to develop the self-reliance in future even further.

01. Can't Be Your Man (3:24)
02. Mess Around (3:25)
03. The Fool (3:47)
04. 40 Days 40 Nights [Hard Times] (3:09)
05. Tight Grip (2:59)
06. Holding You (3:25)
07. Cooperstown (4:34)
08. Lose My Mind (3:35)
09. Walk For Miles (3:27)
10. Lonely (3:07)
11. Heavy Soul (3:40)
12. Woe (4:22)

Andreas Torneberg

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