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Titel / Title Mudbox 
Label Soulfood, Nonstop Music 
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Those who believe Grunge died the day Kurt Cobain pulled the trigger in 1994 are wrong. The guys of Soledown from Cologne, Germany, do exactly this kind of music, today. Every now and then, the band goes for softer tunes on its records but all is dedicated to the best music, Rock. “Mudbox” is the Germans´ second record and is supposed to be as strong as their debut “MMX”, which was released in 2010. In-between the two records, the guys toured extensively. Singer, Thorsten Willer, also went solo with his project “Willer” but at the moment, his focus is on Soledown. Besides hard Grunge songs, there are Alternative Rock pieces and so much more on the record. One special mention deserves the ballad “One Way”. It´s a beautiful track with a great guitar melody and emotional lyrics. All of Soledown´s songs are harmonious, music and vocals fit perfectly together and the listener can look forward to great rock music. I´m sure “Mudbox” will appeal to most rock music fans. Maybe Soledown are not one of those bands that easily stick out from the masses – they don´t really do anything new and their recall value isn´t particularly high – but they are nevertheless great at what they do and their music is definitely worth a listen or two.

Sandy Mahrer

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