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Titel / Title Casta 
Label Mighty Music / Target Group 
Total run time
45 min 
Vö/ReleaseSeptember 2014 
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In the the new production "Casta" of the originating from Copenhagen project PARZIVAL the heavy, northern force meets the exotic temper of Indian ethnic sounds - cinematically, massive and portentous. A soundtrack as for a movie in which treks a huge oriental medieval army through wide landscapes. Blaring fanfare, percussion and drums drive the thousands of horses, camels and splendidly dressed soldiers over a vast, echoing stage of musical imagery.

The trip will be led by the voice of the living in Denmark - Russian vocalist and bandleader Dimitrij Bablevskij with an abysmal bass in Russian, German, Latin and Sanskrit, a voice as from the murky gorge of archaic tombs, where farts of gods grumble like dark thunder in the fog. The hosts slowly move ahead, the monotonous rhythm drives martially forward, dark brass indicate mischief. Various Sikh musicians respond with sitar, tabla, flute and sarod. Development does not much shine overall, the painting is harmonious designed in the uniform color of pathos.

The 11 pieces lined up on 45 minutes are without major changes to each other, no battles, no complaints, even no cheering. The existing, different shades and moods the seeker is looking for are not served by changing compositions, but by the temper itself - in fact it is a total of only a single composition and a single thought, divided into 11 sections.

Andreas Torneberg

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