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Titel / Title Goatspell 
Label Earthquake Terror Noise 
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Warstorm is a quite young band from Italy that so far has released only a 3-track demo. The band – rather unusual for their age - plays old school Thrash Metal. Although the information sheet from the record label enlists Lamb of God and Pantera as references, the sound of the five guys reminds me more of very early Metallica - in multiple ways. It is not only the sound and the way the songs are arranged. Vocalist Giorgio Ossola´s voice makes me think of James Hetfield immediately and even though Ossola´s vocals are characteristic, there is still a lot of room for improvement. All in all, the debut album is quite well done but it clearly lacks real highlights. In particular, the hooklines and choruses need some more work (gang shouts on their own are no choruses!)

Timo Päßler

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