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Cynthia Nickschas

Titel / Title Kopfregal 
Label Sturm & Klang 
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In “Generation Blöd”, the first song on Cynthia Nikschas´ debut album “Kopfregal”, she describes how she was always the one asking questions and living by her own rules. There are quite a few thoughtful songs on this album – Nikschas is looking at the world around her with her eyes wide open and she does not like everything she sees there. Yet, instead of getting depressed over it she urges people to determine their destiny and take a positive outlook on life. She calls a spade a spade and sings loudly and sometimes angrily about the things getting on her nerves but she manages not to get up on a moral high horse; she rather talks about her own ideas of how to make life better: It´s good to ask questions and think about one´s behavior but before all thoughts get too mixed up it´s a good idea to do something to feel better, forget about all the crap and just dance. That may see like trying to find an easy way out but when she sings about endorphins being damn good for the brain I can only agree with her. For me, Nikschas´ lyrics are the perfect balance between criticism and hope, anger and courage – a gut reaction and straight to the heart, yet intelligent enough to give me something to think about.

Nikschas is singing with a rough, often bluesy voice, sometimes softly and sometimes louder, but always true to her emotions. I believe every word she sings and that makes her songs very likeable. Maybe the “generation stupid” is not so dumb after all. The music is surprisingly varied and a lot more than just guitars and vocals and thus more than one might expect under the label Singer/Songwriter. The melodies are always fitting with the singing and quite intoxicating. Neither do they drown out the singing, nor are they too far in the background. Everything sounds handmade, but it still grooves in a way that one can dance to it – fresh, often cheerful and never boring. Everyone should give it a listen!

1. Generation blöd
2. Positiv denken
3. Schissig (Kein Liebeslied)
4. Warum
5. Niveau
6. Gold glänzt nicht
7. Gedankensalat
8. Tanz!
9. Verdummt genug
10.Dein Weg

Stefanie Oepen

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