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Machinery Of Joy

Titel / Title On The Verge Of Sleep 
Label Target Records 
Total run time
43 min 
Vö/ReleaseSeptember 2014 
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The debut album by the Danish band Machinery Of Joy from Copenhagen begins with a classic, slightly hyphy Shoegaze; melancholic driving pop-rock. For this purpose, a female, yearning voice floats with elegiac reverberation in brittle spheres. The late 70s greet from the gloomy side of existence. One of these retrospective post-punk productions?

The following songs answer "no" to this question and surprise with amazing ideas. Some of the wistfulness of the Brit-Popper Eels in clubby robe and a spoonfull of the experimental oeuvre of Laurie Anderson swings in the sounds, the voice is reminiscent of a dark mourning version of Suzanne Vega. To this swirling fragments of early Hawkwind or even spices of Sigur Ros mix into the tunes.

40 years ago it could have been said: avant-garde. 30 years ago: on trend. Today: nostalgic, retro. And so, paradoxically nowadays partially almost experimentally. In the game with temporary, psychedelic monotony a kind of Scandinavian element shines through. Starting from the initial post-punk, the songs become more and more quiet, thoughtful and minimalist. An album that treads a path.

Not for the sunny beach, nothing for the Top 10 on the radio. Music for relaxation in a melancholy mood. Fascinating and unusual: on the second side of the vinyl-release (in addition to digital platforms) are only two, each 10 minutes long titles. The new wave of the new century? A beautiful album for those who feel the falling autumn leaves already in spring.

Andreas Torneberg

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