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Titel / Title (r)Evolution 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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The last Hammerfall album, Infected, was quite different to everything the band had done before - and was therefore hard to stomach for many old school fans. Now, the band did, maybe not a one-eighty but at least a ninety because the music and the lyrics on (r)Evolution are quite ´back to the roots´: more fast guitars, more lyrics about warriors and fewer experiments. However, (r)Evolution has two different faces. On the one hand, there are classic Hammerfall songs like Hector`s Hymn, Ex Inferis, Wildfire and (with small reservations) also Origins and Tainted Metal, which shines with its great riffing in the chorus. All of these songs are great, have typical Hammerfall elements and are unique.

In contrast, there is the other half of the album. That songs are really down-to-earth, without any orchestration, any choirs, no bombastic stuff. Even lead guitars are rare. But the thrown out bombast left a huge hole, which the guys were not able to properly fill. One last word about Joacim´s vocals: In the past, his high pitch of voice was my biggest point of criticism. On (r)Evolution, he still sings in the same pitch, but, compared to older stuff, he sounds really powerful, but with a lot of emotion. This is a huge plus of this album but it does not change my overall impression of it.

Timo Päßler

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