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Titel / Title Bar 
Label Rookie Records 
Total run time
39 min 
Vö/ReleaseNovember 2014 
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In the late fall or winter, for those who like it slow, dark, pensive and melancholy, who wants to imagine a melting of Tom Waits, Tito&Tarantula, Nick Cave and And Also The Trees, or who does not know these examples, but might imagine a kind of gloomy and partly to the psychedelic adrift Western Mariachi mood with murky swamp mist may found himself in a smoky country bar - thatīs just there, in the music of a band called BAR, formerly over twelve years known as LLLQ (Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet).

A wonderful music with the rumble of a deep contrabass, moody guitar and relaxed, narrative voice with a touch of Leonard Cohen to hang out, relax, philosophy, whiskey enjoying, cigars testing, about women talking, so actually in a masculine music.

And who it hears, but does not want to believe, this four piece band does not come from the American land, but from Freiburg in Southern Germany. This is less for dancing, not for the beach, here itīs more intimate and in love with details and very atmospherically, with affection for slowness, overall quite homogeneous and so it seems pointless to single songs separately to describe and lift out one.

A beautiful album, the first of the band under the new name. A music video, one could imagine in black and white with a little sepia - reduced to the essentials, artistic, yet down to earth, tastefully.

Andreas Torneberg

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