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Titel / Title Scare Force One  
Label AFM Records 
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To be honest, after listening to the first single “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein”, I was a bit afraid that the entire new Lordi record would sound the same. I didn´t like the song at all. But luckily, it soon became clear that it was just a bad choice as the first single. Unlike the two last albums, “Scare Force One” was not recorded in Nashville but again in Finland, by producer legend, Mikko Karmila, who worked with quite a few famous Finnish rock bands. And it was a wise decision. While the last two Lordi albums sounded rather similar, with the new one they tried some different things. Plus, the melodies are again catchier and the songs are well-suited to sing along. This new record comes closest to the first two releases of Lordi, which I still love the most to this day. All in all, the album, with the exception of this one song, is much better than the predecessor. On the new album is also “Amen´s Lament to Ra II”, the first part appeared on the 2010 release “Babez for Breakfast”. However, the song much more reminds me of traditional Finnish music than a lament to the Egyptian sun god, Ra. Even without the Egyptian touch, it is a very beautiful piece. Also songs like “How to slice a whore”, “Monster is my Name” or “The United Rocking Dead” are great. All the nice beats and great guitar melodies are still stuck in my mind. It´s a great album by the Finnish monsters and if you want to hear it live, you can do so in early 2015.

Sandy Mahrer

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