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Russel Allen / Jorn Lande

Titel / Title The Great Divide 
Label Frontiers Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The first track couldnīt say it any better. Russel Allen and Jorn Lande sing „Come Dream with me“ and thatīs exactly what you can do for almost 52 minutes with the new masterpiece from these two exceptional singers. The first three records of the duo were produced by songwriter, Magnus Karlsson. When the trilogy was concluded with “The Showdown” in 2010, a new input was needed. And it came, in the shape of one of the best songwriters in the Northern hemisphere: Timo Tolkki, former mastermind of Stratovarius. And what these three people created with each other is simply awesome. The songwriting alone is so much better than on all three records of the trilogy. Tolkki just knows how to write catchy melodies and how to make them stick in the listenerīs mind. Itīs the right mix to get the best out of Allen and Lande, out of their voices. And both singers gave their all. Jorn usually doesnīt like to leave his comfort zone but on The Great Divide, he also sings some very high notes and every single word gives you goose bumps. Russel Allen is the perfect counterpart of Jornīs voice. The Symphony X singer might not have a rocky, raspy voice like Lande but, technically, they are on the same level. There isnīt much more to add. The Great Divide is the best Allen/Lande record ever: Awesome songs, two of the worldīs greatest singers and a goose gump-inducing harmony that last for 52 minutes. This is a must-buy!

Sandy Mahrer

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