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Days We Are Even

Titel / Title Head into the Fire 
Label Sonic Revolution/Bob media 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In April 2013, the guys from Days We Are Even released their debut record, Himalaya, which was of a super high quality. Would the Swiss, with international roots, be able to repeat that feat and even add some more variety with their new piece “Head into the Fire”, I wondered. The cover/booklet design already gives you some first hints that someone must have been spend a lot of time devising the albumīs final look and sound. And with their Modern Metal, the four guys really hit the bullīs eye. If you ask me, they should be supporting the big US stars on their tours because the songs have everything that is needed to be a big competition for them. Thus, the bandīs second record, too, offers great songs and this time, they are more diverse, interesting and from the first to the twelfth and last song, the listener is captivated. The guys have certainly learnt a lot. Itīs not like that their debut record was bad but the new one is just a whole lot better. This record is a MUST HAVE! Great, I had almost lost all hope that something so good could come out of Switzerland but here it is. Whereīs the next gig?

Sandy Mahrer

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