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Titel / Title SLK 
Label Sakara Records 
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“SLK” is the 6th album already from the Finnish Thrashers. In their homeland, they are well-known, gaining a few gold records and winning EMMA awards. Could it be due to their Finnish lyrics? It seems to me that knowledge of the Finnish language is a prerequisite to get access to ”SLK”. Thus, even after listening to the record a couple of times, I still don´t get most of the songs. That´s because it´s hard for me to identify a chorus, not to mention other structural elements. Maybe knowing a few Finnish words would make it easier for me? I found only three songs that somehow worked: the title track, “Heikko Ehkä” and “Dynamo”. Language barrier or not, that´s simply not enough for a highly-decorated band, even if they play Progressive Thrash Metal.

More disappointing yet is the architecture of the sound. It is dominated by guitars - just as it should be. But these guitars are just too monotonous and simplistic. The majority of the riffs is played in similar frequencies, making them really boring. In addition, guitar leads are almost totally missing (with the exception of one or two solos). The only thing, bringing a bit of colour to these shades of grey, is the keyboard, played with melodies or soundscapes. It adds some highlights to the songs but it does not always work. By far the best about this album are the vocals. They are clean but all the same aggressive. And this sets them apart from 98 % of the other bands in the genre.

Nevertheless, “SLK” is both a closed book to me and a disappointment.

Timo Päßler

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