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Red Raven

Titel / Title Chapter One: The Principles 
Label Sonic Revolution 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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“Chapter One: The Principles” is the first album from Red Raven. After countless line-up and name changes etc., the band finally found the right combination to perform their songs. With Frank Beck on mic, Patrick Fey on guitar and Martin Reichhart and Sascha Waack on bass and drums, the band is now complete and ready to rock. Their sound is very - how should I put it? - complicated, chaotic, perhaps? Again and again, there are good moments, nice melodies but unfortunately most of them are not pursued any further and that´s exactly why it is so difficult to listen to the record. The first songs are ok but “Famous” and “Foolsland”, I´d just love to skip. “If You Don´t Know” is a bit better but after seven songs, Frank Beck´s nasal voice starts to really get on my nerves. The whole record follows the same pattern: good moments alternate with absolute chaos. Too bad because there are a lot of good things, they just don´t yet harmonise with each other. All in all, good songs like “Walls Around My Chair” and songs you don´t really want to listen to are balanced on this record. There´s definitely some talent here or maybe you like all this chaos?!

Sandy Mahrer

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