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Titel / Title Between The Stars 
Label Loud & Proud Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release31 Oct 2014 
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The opening track „Set me on Fire“ is a good example to what one can expect from Flyleaf in this album: Alternative pop rock, which is made for radio play and very polished in the production. The band sounds like Evanescence with Avril Lavigne´s vocals, plus a happy pill. Kirstin May´s voice is nice, but not really versatile and so akin to Lavigne, that it´s irritating. Unfortunately I can´t compare May to their former vocalist, Lacey Sturm; „Between the Stars“ is already their fourth album, but this is my first time to hear them. „Traitor“, „Thread“ and „Well of Lies“ have earworm potential built in by their viable guitar parts and melodies. „City Kids“ offers us some screaming and growling, but it doesn´t really come out that well. The rest of the album is quite replaceable. The lyrics go on about love and being in love. Nothing too deep, but it doesn´t always have to be so. All in all, „Between the Stars“ is something for people into a jovial, pop version of Evanescence.

(The review is about the special edition)

Samira Alinto

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