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Gathering, The

Titel / Title Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides 
Label Century Media 
Total run time
CD 1 71:53, CD 2 72:38 
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht 

They started off as a raw, death metal influenced band and are without a doubt one of the founders of so called "gothic metal" and since the early nineties they can look back at an extraordinary musical history. From their hard metal roots, through their atmospheric "Mandylion"-phase, to the dreamy, profound songs you can find on "Nighttime Birds". It's always been impossible to pigeonhole The Gathering, they're too experimental, too different. So if you want to describe the sound of The Gathering in modern metal terms, you will find yourself at a loss.
With "Accessories" Century Media has released a real treat for all the fans: a very extensive compilation with all the non-album and previously unreleased tracks. This 2-CD will make the fans' eyes gleam; B-sides like the Dead Can Dance cover "In Power We Trust..." and a live version of "Leaves" performed with an orchestra are just a couple of the many highlights. This compilation can also be very useful for new fans, since it provides a good overview of the work of The Gathering so far. So close your eyes and enjoy...

Jasmin Froghy

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