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Otto Dix

Titel / Title Anima 
Label Dizzaster Records 
Total run time
40 min 
Vö/ReleaseAugust 2014 
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The Russian Electro Goth machine from St.Petersburg - tirelessly as always in its ten years of existence - pushed the next iron into the fire: "Anima" is since the end of last year at the start; since August 2014, the label Danse Macabre takes care of the distribution in Germany.

Gentle and richer with melodies than ever before, the songs sung by exceptional singer Michael Draw tickle the ears and souls. His compositional partner Marie Slip baths inside of delightful 80s synth sounds. Gone are the references of Industrial and EBM, formerly to find in previous productions. The earlier often pushed to the fore-ground electric violin is rather hard to discover. Instead, physical drums especially live set clear accents. But the specific countertenor is it that gives this music its uniqueness and already opens from the first note on the first song – for those who did not know that voice before, it almost might be a surprise.

A little Asian Kitaro-sphere oscillates in the tunes and classical piano music á la "Für Elise" shimmers in the deeply melancholic ”Old Clock”, which can be seen next to the opulent visualized title track ”Anima” as videos on YouTube. Overall, this new album is substantially more uniform, brighter and less gloomy than what ever was before. The basic theme of Anima, with which Michael Draw employes in Russian lyrics and very personal experiences, comes from the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung on the female side in the unconscious of a man.

A generally beautiful album with elegant, tasty compositions, but somewhat lacks a little variety, as well as the smooth sweetness can make wonder where the contrasting darkness from former Otto Dix productions remained.

Andreas Torneberg

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