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Feline Melinda

Titel / Title Dance of Fire and Rain 
Label 7Hard 
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Feline Melinda might be around since the 1980s but, to be honest, I haven´t heard of them before. Even though Italy is not so far away from Switzerland, it seems as if some things do not get through to us. With “Dance of Fire and Rain”, the band releases its fifth record, which was recorded in Italy, Germany and Finland and mastered at the Finnish Finnvox studios.

It is hard to find the right words to describe their music. Those who have a soft spot for Power Metal and Melodic Metal should definitely take a listen. Also guitar heroes might be interested: new arrival, HeadMatt, is a skilled guitarist and in charge of the solos. Feline Melinda´s lyrics are written with the intention to cheer you up and give you strength. They are not drenched in melancholy and heartache – they are different and I like it. On the other side, I think there´s a bit too much talk about love. I´m pretty sure, though, the lady the songs are dedicated to will be enraptured. I don´t really like those “ideal-world” drivel but as I said it´s different from the ubiquitous “Oh, my heart is broken, I want to die” rubbish.

When it comes to composition, I can´t find much to criticize. All songs on “Dance of Fire and Rain” are well-written. The only thing I could find fault with is the English pronunciation. But let´s not be too niggling, it might even give them a certain recall value. I don´t want to hear an English band sing in Italian ;) Eleven songs are on this follow-up record to “Morning Dew” from 2008. Personally, I like the title track and the piano version of “Angel Eyes” best. It´s a great fifth studio album.

Sandy Mahrer

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