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Titel / Title Before Light / After Dark 
Label Ghost Sound Media 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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To be quite honest, I´ve never heard of Morrigu before - although this is already their 4th album and they have a quite prominent band member: former Eluveitie vocalist Sevi. But the information provided by the promo department made me curious. They are talking about “melody combined with aggression”, “remarkable guitar melodies” and a superb production by Zeuss and Jens Bogren. Maybe I have to clean my ears but I cannot hear any of that. It is true, the guitars are played quite well but there is nothing I could identify as a melody. There is just too much happening in a way too short time frame. So, the result sounds hectic and confusing but not catchy. The vocals, however, are bit aggressive but, again, they lack melody completely. In fact, they are the album´s clearest weakness. Jens Bogren seems to agree because he turned them quite low in the production. The production, in general, is ok but, in my opinion, it is too bombastic for this sort of music. A little bit more dirt and roughness would have been more appropriate. Finally, all I can say is that Morrigu are the living proof that some skills on instruments and a well-known producer are no guarantee for a good product.

Timo Päßler

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